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Sundays with Sandra and More Sundays with Sandra telecasts shift again to go with the flow and the Year of the Goat. For the past three and a half years Sandra has been offering these telecasts and the feedback has been wonderful. Now you can join in and subscribe for this lunar year which ends on February 8 2016.

The lunar Year of the Goat brings opportunities for you to see good results for all your hard work of the past few years. After the past three years of upheavals and changes (did you have that in your life?) energy is shifting and nudging you to step into your bigger and more expansive self and to fully embrace the changes that have occurred. In some cases, those changes are still to come this year.

Here is an easy way to get clarity, stay motivated and positive and have ongoing support all year long!

  • get your questions answered
  • discover effective ways to dissolve present challenges
  • learn new and innovative ways to handle anxiety and stress
  • receive sound healing to reframe stuck patterns and energies
  • get into the prosperity matrix
  • and much more!
  • Membership plan:

    Ensure your receive every recording even if you can't call in by making a one time payment of $300USD*.

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    *You will receivve the call in details and recordings for the month that you make your payment. All annual subscribers, regardless of subscription date will receive all telecast recordings starting February 22 2015 until February 8 2016.

    International Annual subscription:

    Or, subscribe on a monthly basis and make monthly payments of $30.00 each month**

    International Monthly subscription:

    **Canadian residents: a one off annual payment of 339 CAD including HST.

    Canadian Annual subscription:

    Or, subscribe on a monthly basis and make monthly payments of 33.90 CAD including HST.

    Canadian Monthly subscription:

    What people are saying about Sundays with Sandra and more:

    I would like to share a few words about the experiences I had during Sandra's telecasts. One thing that stands out for me is that no matter what the theme of the particular telecast is, it always feels 'hand crafted' for what I needed in the moment. It is always a teaching that speaks to me directly on a very personal level. Although these are not individual sessions, I feel by listening to what other people have to say, the questions I have are answered. Listening to other people speak also makes me feel that even though I have never met most of these people in person they are a part of my friendly 'family'. ~I.L.USA~

    I feel a lot more solid which has freed up a lot of my energy too. Participating in these telecasts has given me the opportunity to help fill some of the gaps and uncertainties I had. I appreciate Sandra's broader perspective because it helped put a different spin on certain topics. I was able to let go of a lot of 'misguided links' in the process. ~G.J .Canada~

    Sandra is a powerful healer. Once I had a severe burn and her sound made the worst pain go away and my skin heal almost instantly. In one of the Sunday telecasts, Sandra channeled my recently passed spiritual teacher and I could hear my teacher's voice and feel her presence as if she was standing next to me. These are just a few fragments of the many wonderful experiences I've had during Sandra's telecasts and sessions. ~I.L. USA~

    My experience with Sandra was magical, moving and transformational. I felt my heart open to her healing methods as she guided me in understanding and shifting negative thought patterns that were a result of childhood trauma. I gained clarity, forgiveness for myself, and a tremendous lifting of the weight that had been crushing my body and soul. My healing experience with Sandra was beyond profound; she was able to connect to the part of me that was unwilling to let go of my story, and show me how to accept the life that I was destined to live... bumps and all. ~L. F. Canada~

    I had the opportunity to meet Sandra in person, via skype. She is very intuitive, and really helped me bring insight into the present challenges I was experiencing. Challenges on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. The insights I received, are not a realization on an intellectual level! I feel different, from the inside out. I feel different, with more clarity, focus, and more love for myself - for who I am, for what I come to do here, on planet earth. ~S. V. Belgium~

    Last Sunday's telecast was great. It always amazes me how the information has so much synchronicity for me....all that info about flow; its just been pouring in for me. So, so much of your sharings were validation for me. It seemed that we did so much clearing in such a light way. ~T.S. Canada~

    Imagine a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing - the pieces nowhere in sight and the picture of the finished puzzle blurred. That was me before a session. Sandra gracefully guided me to recover those missing pieces in the deepest layer of my being and fix them into the Light fabric of my Self. A highly intuitive and compassionate healer, Sandra uses gentle yet powerful mastery to clear personal blocks to true peace and understanding of our self and of each other. Today, my soul sings. ~N.P. Malaysia~

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