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"Sandra is a powerful intuitive and gifted teacher. Combined with the innate energies of Bali, the experience of working with her was magical. Her mastery of different healing modalities is combined with an impressive ability to psychically obtain information about the people she works with. I particularly liked her pragmatism. My time with Sandra in Bali helped me move strongly ahead with my work."
- CW, Ubud, Bali

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for last Wednesday morning. I continue to glow and feel lighter and more joyful each day. I am still in awe of the morning."
- J.B. Ontario

"I recently had a session with Sandra and am so glad I did! As usual, Sandra quickly got to the nub of the matter, and gently cleared all of the pieces of the problem. Sandra has done this on several occasions over the past few years, always meeting the challenge with grace and dexterity. Sandra has an uncanny ability to tune in and detect the underlying spiritual sources of the problem and then she goes even further and heals the problem. I am continually impressed with Sandra's skills, empathy and understanding. I recommend Sandra very highly to anyone who is stymied with a problem in their life that defies resolution. I feel very privileged to have Sandra in my life and on 'my team'."
- Nina Bregman, Toronto

"Sandra helped me integrate parts of myself I had denied and rejected. I am immensely grateful for her intuitive healing gifts."
- Suzanne Proulx

"Sandra is the perfect counsellor for people seeking new directions, experiencing transitions, changes, or life crises. Her array of tools is expansive, substantial and extremely powerful. Sandra delivers the deep insights that precede real growth."
- RL, Richmond Hill, Ontario.

"Sandra eliminated the 'bad connections' ( karmic blocks) and 'repaired my internal, spiritual circuit board' giving me access to what is important to me and helping me move forward."
- Name withheld

"Sandra is a very gifted person who has been sent to build a bridge between the "no longer" and "not yet" and continues to help me tremendously in understanding and coping with the 'here and now'."
- BMH. Baltimore M.D.

Talking to my father with Sandra's help...

"I met Sandra Sweetman at the Therapeutic Touch Conference in Toronto. I was with my friends from Calgary most of the time, except for one meal I chose to eat alone. When Sandra approached me and asked if there was a seat free at my table I was in deep thought and misunderstood her question. As we talked, I felt very comfortable and at ease. After the first introductions and the "where are you from?", Sandra told me that her husband had just died shortly before the Conference was to take place. Therefore, she had been hesitant about coming, but here she was, following a feeling that she needed to be there. As Sandra talked about her husband, her facial expression somehow told me that she felt his presence, or so I thought. I asked: "Is he here?". Sandra answered: "Oh, he is always here, but there is someone else here, someone who wants to talk to you"! It sounded crazy, I felt goose-bumps all over and was excited. Who could it be? Sandra felt it was a man, who was/had been close to me. My father had died close to 10 years ago and I did not think of him at first. But he was the closest male family member I had lost and the one that had impacted my life the most. It had not been an easy relationship and it took me a long time after his death to deal with mourning, anger and forgiveness. By the time I met Sandra, I thought that I had dealt with all of these issues and that I was at peace with my father and his death. Now there was this woman I just met, telling me that my father needed and wanted to talk to me. Did I want to hear what he had to say? Of course, was my first response, but then I asked myself, how could she? Maybe this was just a bit too crazy and weird. But Sandra did not appear to be crazy or weird, in fact she was very down to earth and reasonable. Also one of the things that I had a hard time with was that I did not have the chance to say good-bye to my father before he died. Sandra offered me the opportunity to do just that, 10 years later. I was not going to let this opportunity go by even if I did not understand how it could happen. Sandra then explained to me what she had learned and experienced and how she was willing to let my father speak through her. Sandra also had some clues that my fathers spirit was in touch with her, by giving me some words my father said in German. She/he also spoke my name, a name I don't use and Sandra could not have been familiar with. Also when my father spoke through her, the feelings his words evoked in me, confirmed to me that it was my father saying them. They brought up feelings I thought I had dealt with long ago. There they were again or still and I needed to come to terms with them, to set us both free. Sandra helped me see more clearly and to release a part of my past that hindered me. I needed to forgive my father on a deeper level than I was able to do on my own. By being able to talk to my father directly with Sandra's help my feelings towards him changed, I changed. I believe I have become more compassionate and forgiving; feeling more at peace since I met Sandra."
- Vreny, Calgary

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