The Web site of Sandra Itenson Sweetman - Intuitive Healer, Mentor, Teacher, and Speaker

Connecting Passed Wisdom to Present Challenges...
... Restoring Balance to Body, Mind and Soul

Welcome to the web site of Sandra Itenson Sweetman, intuitive healer, mentor, teacher and speaker.

As you read through this site, you will learn more about Sandra's mission: to assist us in releasing what is not of the Light and to offer tools which facilitate a return to our True Selves.

Sandra's aim is to restore balance and harmony on all levels. She does this by healing the underlying causes of disruption and by restoring energy fields to optimum vibrancy. Since this is a co-creative process in which her clients are intimately involved, she also teaches how to best maintain and nurture this harmony energetically.

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Sandra Itenson Sweetman

USA & Canada:
310 928 1103
Hong Kong:
+852 8191 3417