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With so many of us facing huge and often abrupt transitions in our lives, it's no surprise we often feel like we're swimming against the tide. What should we do? How do we pick up the pieces and carry on?

"Easing Transition" focuses on the steps we can take to not only survive, but thrive in our constantly changing world. This two-day experiential workshop features many tools and strategies to cope with past and present trauma, clear unwanted energy disturbances, become "unstuck" from present situations and help us actualize what we want in life.

Under Sandra's expert but gentle guidance, you will learn how to muscle test, how to use a pendulum, and how to heal the doubting part of yourself that doesn't trust the answers that already lie within. You will also be introduced to SWEET, her innovative Self -Wellness Energy Evaluation Technique which allows you to assess the state of your aura and clear any distortions or depletions in your subtle energy field.

Guided meditations, sound healing, a simple but effective meridian-based therapy to deal with trauma and allergies, and an overview of the sacred teachings of Mayan Light Language are also part of her tool kit.

With Easing Transition under your belt, you will not only be strengthened to deal with change, you may find you even want to embrace it!

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What shape is your aura? Auras come in many shapes and sizes and contain a multitude of colours. Our thoughts create our reality and they show up loud and clear in the auric field. The shamans have taught and modern research has shown that our thoughts are made up of sentences composed of many shapes and colours.

Every time we think a thought, sequences of colored geometries fly out of our heads and into the atmosphere. If we think a particular thought enough times and related thoughts to support it, we create that reality in our auric field and that thought sooner or later will manifest in the physical plane.

Light Language, a sacred teaching passed down from the curanderos of Mexico, moves us to a whole new level of communication. We learn to consciously read and write Light using color and sacred geometries. With that knowledge, we are able to reshape our auras and our lives.

Beginning Light Language: At the beginning level, we work with 7 shaped sequences called grids for reshaping our aura and co-creating the energies in our lives. Learn to recognize color and geometry in our language, thoughts and behaviour. Make instant and long-lasting changes in yourself and your environment.

Intermediate Light Language: Learn powerful healing grids for over 164 diseases. Write 49 shaped grids to create cash, love, spirituality and more. Understand the causes of dis-ease and dis-harmony and re-write the script. Includes a 300 page manual.

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