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Sandra hosts playshops ranging from a two-hour sacred geometry class to week long transformational retreats. Here are just a few of the workshop topics. There are many more!

Heart Metta™ Practitioner Training

Heart Metta™ Playshop

SWEET - Self Wellness Evaluation Technique

Prosoperity Consciousness

Crystal Resonance

Practical Energy Management

Embrace Your True Self

Sacred Geometry - The Advanced Toruses

A Day of Transformation

Accelerate The Shift - week long retreat

Awakening Intuition

Universal Laws

Co-Creating with Higher Guidance

Chakra Realignment

Sound Healing

The Way to Inner Joy

For more information about these and other workshops please contact Sandra.

Want to host one of Sandra's events in your home town?? Find out how this works by contacting Sandra.

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Sandra Itenson Sweetman

USA & Canada:
310 928 1103
Hong Kong:
+852 8191 3417